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Chuck. I am fairly new but thought the...22 Jan
And the color is PERFECT. I'm so...17 Jan
Yes. I freaked out too soon I'm sure....17 Jan
573u was supposed to be a light green...17 Jan
Haha. Sorry, I went for a walk and I...17 Jan
I have a Gordon and have 2 rollers. I...10 Jan
Oh that makes me feel better :) Yeah, I...17 Nov
It's moved! Thanks for all of the...22 Jul
Thanks Dave!15 Jul
The problem lies more with getting the...15 Jul
Rich, I am moving a 26" cutter this...15 Jul
Disregard... the topic is 2 posts down....30 Jun
What size is your press? Nancy20 Dec
I think the Key was at some pt welded...5 Dec
Yeah, we pulled really hard and also...2 Dec
I am composing a video of the first...17 Sep
Sorry... Printing press. I guess all...16 Sep
Awesome. I will try one if not all of...30 Aug
The inside of the hook is fine. I...29 Aug
Hey Paul, Here is a pic of the two...28 Aug
It is an old style. I did check that....27 Aug
The two are sideways... sorry19 Jul
Ok so I finally took some pictures....19 Jul
That was actually my next step as I am...2 Jul
There is no serial number in the bed of...19 Jun
Dick G, I measured the outside...30 Apr
Hey, Thanks for the input. I live in...25 Apr