roller adjustment


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You would check the roller height with a roller height setting gage. You would want an ink strike of 1/32 to 1/8 of an inch dependent upon the press you are using, the diameter of the rollers, what the form consists of, whether it is metal type or photopolymer plates or, etc.

So, what kind of press do you have?


I have an 8x12 c&p. I do have a roller gauge. I thought there might be a pin in the spring or something that I could use to adjust them, but I just can’t figure it out. They are pulling a little too tightly on my type.One of them is not rolling when it goes over type which is clearly bad. Worked fine for years, but just changed my trucks and that seemed to throw it off. What exactly do I do to adjust them?

Thanks so much for your reply.

Updated. I don’t know if the C&Ps have adjustable rollers or not like the Vandercooks. I have an 8x12 Samson platen, and to raise the roller height, I added a few strips of artist’s tape along the rails to get them to the height I needed.

As far as I know C&P roller trucks are not adjustable—unless you’re lucky enough to have a set of expansion trucks (such as Morgan);
you’ll probably have to build up the rails the trucks run on, as the previous poster says.

This reminds me: anybody know if it’s still possible to find Morgan trucks?

I think NA Graphics sells them. Those guys have everything.

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