C&P 10 x 15 Evaluation

I have been lucky enough to come across a 10 x 15 C&P that has been in a warm location for 15-20 untouched years, turns easily and looks to be relatively clean. I have a bunch of questions and appreciate any help offered. Please see pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/?saved=1 which I will refer to shortly.
1. The serial number is c76434 which I believe places its manufacture around late 40s. Is the “old style” “new style” distinction one based on date alone and if not, then what criteria? The flywheel has straight spokes as opposed to curved ones if that is any help.
2. It has no treadle, a foot brake on the left and a large wheel (on the side opposite to the flywheel) with a band (Image 3012) that is about 4 inches wide. I assume this was used for a belt to drive the press given there is an old motor nearby as well as a switch underneath the press. Was such a band OEM or was it added and can these presses be driven by a friction arrangement off the flywheel?
3. There are two interesting markings underneath the front of the press (Image 3015). One is

And the other is

Any ideas what those might signify?

4. The big deal is that there are no rollers or cores, etc. and are the C shaped holders in the last picture (Image 3010) all that is needed to hold rollers? Do they just sort of snap in and are held by cotter pins or a similar arrangement?

This is really something that I would like to make work and of course, what would be a fair price for a press of this vintage and in this condition? I know that’s a tough question. I see no evidence of welds or repairs of any kind and once again, it turns smoothly, etc. Thanks - Niel

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Here is a thread you may be interested: http://www.briarpress.org/28935
This sold on Ebay for a final price of ~$842.00. Depends on your location, DIY moving, etc… Good Luck!

Thanks Cabin - from what I can see here…


which is mentioned in the thread you provided, the saddle holds the rollers and each of the rollers is held in place by two wire like pins. Can I assume that this C&P had two rollers? I have seen others having more (and I bet those were larger presses?). Thanks.


Cabin’s reference for price is good. The press you are looking at is one of the cleanest I have seen but should be if it was made in the 40s. Old Style were discontinued in 1912.

It is missing both roller hook shafts for the bottom rollers. The double hook above is for the other two rollers. It does have a curved main drive shaft so could utilize a treadle. The smaller wheel on the right (facing the press) is for connecting the motor and it has a switch. Depending on the switch, it may have speed control and would run much better using the pulley wheel instead of the flywheel. Much less control and faster speed if run off of the flywheel. The brake is usually for motor driven presses. An added bonus is the cloth hand protector that raises during impression to keep one from inserting their hands at the wrong time. All and all a good press by appearances.

The numbers are part numbers. First two digits (10) represent a 10 x 15 press. You can see all the part numbers on the 4 page C& P parts List. There may be one here on Briar under manuals.

Thanks Mike. A total then of four rollers and are the roller hook shafts somewhat readily available?

The C+P should have 3 rollers, some folks may use just 2, depending on project, etc…I also recommend the document on Excelsiorpress…moving a 10x15 Chandler + Price Platen Prss ~Safely~

Thanks - Neil