BASIC Help with ink & plates

I’m just about to buy my first Adana 6x4 HS2. My first press & I have NO IDEA what to do. {I dive before I learn to swim.} Can anyone please lead me in the direction to best find info regarding what plates to use/who makes them/where to purchase/etc and also, what type of inks to use/how to mix/etc.

Any help would be so appreciated, whether it’s about plates & ink or not. Seriously. I’m clueless. I just love the art so much that I’ll do whatever I have to do, to learn.

Thanks heaps! :)

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don’t know where you’re located, but you can check the yellow pages on this site and find places near to you that can help you. a few lessons are always a good idea, you don’t want to break your new press. Good Luck Dick G.

As Dick said, it’s always good to get some lessons if possible before using your press. Give your press a good cleaning when you get it, it will help you learn about it and how it works. If your press didn’t come with an owner’s manual (most don’t) you should be able to find one online. The interweb is a marvelous place to find out about letterpress printing, use it. I had 20+ years of offset experience when I got my first letterpress but knew nothing about it. I spent a month reading up on it before I printed my first piece, especially here and on letpress. Take advantage of the search tools, they will help answer your questions about plates, ink, paper, etc. Everyone has their preferences and you will see much debate about which one works best. Personally, I use magnesium plates mounted type-high (.918) but a lot of printers prefer photopolymer plates. I use rubber-based ink but many prefer oil-based. The debate goes on but you should experiment and decide which works best for you. If you’ve never printed before you should step back, admire your press and take the time to learn the craft. You’ll thank yourself later for it. Best of luck and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!