Problems inking bold stripes

Anytime I need to ink a large area, like long stripes, I’m having a hard time holding ink on the rollers.

The first 3 prints is fine, then it gets lighter and lighter. If I add more ink to the tray, the print gets muddy. I can also see the plate design on the ink tray so I know it’s low on ink.

I’m using two rollers right now. How do I fix this to make the press carry enough ink after 3+ prints? My press also has an ink fountain, but It’s not in use right now.

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It appears you have diagnosed your problem well. To resolve, use the full complement of rollers and the use of the fountain will assist in replenishing the ink which is depleted with each impression.

Double-rolling a job like this can also help. That is feeding one sheet then pull the throw-off lever and let the press go through a cycle, then feed another sheet with the throw-off on impression.

As jhenry said, double-hitting can help. Also, I don’t know how large your run size is, but if I’m running a large solid on a small job I will either give the ink disk a quarter-turn by hand between impressions or if that doesn’t work I’ll remove the chase and turn the press over for a few cycles to remove the ghosting from the disk and rollers. Hope this helps
Good luck

I had a similar experience but not with bold stripes. I added ink but would have too much ink for several prints. So I figured out that I had ink on my ink disk and rollers - just not in the right places. So you might want to try removing the chase and running your press to redistribute the ink already on the ink disk before you add more ink.

I’ve been doing skip feeding but it’s driving me crazy! I’ve installed all the rollers to help carry more ink and I’m also looking for the blade to the Ink Fountain to get that working.

Thanks for all the input.