Rollers: Composition, or Rubber?

What do you think?

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A lot depends on your location, your press, the work you want to do, and your budget. Composition rollers will shrink and swell with humidity change and cause inking problems unless you can adjust the roller trucks. The budget is probably the least serious problem — though rubber rollers can cost twice as much as composition, it’s possible to buy good rubber rollers for just a little more than composition. I prefer rubber — I have one pair that I’ve used for about 30 years. But don’t buy urethane — they melt to goo in a few years.


Bob , the mice like composition rollers, i have a roller with a hole in it from a mouse. Dick G.

Yes, Dick, I’ve had composition rollers that I left out for an extended time eaten right down to the cord that is wrapped around the cores. The bugs like them too. But they don’t eat rubber rollers.