ID these fonts?

can you please identify these fonts? I’ve found these characters in the same case. The A B C were found on the capital letters zones of the same case, the “Decò” ones were found in the small letters zones.


image: dscn9423v.jpg


image: dscn9424.jpg


image: dscn9426.jpg


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Your shaded lineal face was designed by K.H. Schaefer for the Schriftguss foundry and was named Fatima. It was later also offered by the typefoundry Francaise (c. 1933) as Atlas.

I’ll have to dig a little deeper to I.D. your script font.


Your script font is possibly Cable Initials from Klingspor or Lanston Monotype.


Thanks for ID these fonts Rick :)

About the Fatima font, I’m quite sure it’s Fatima but I can see just 5 lines on my P and here 6 lines

Indeed I can’t find the other one, supposed Cable Initials.

How did you id them Rick?

thanks :)

Don’t know what to tell you about the line number discrepancy in the P. Perhaps what they are showing in the sample is a “cleaned up” redrawn version (Atlas???)

The Cable Initials were found in the Encyclopedia of Typefaces. They only show three or four characters and none of them are the ones that you show. However, I am fairly confident in comparing your B with their R that this is the same font. The Cable (Kabel) Initials don’t look like anything else in that series, so this is a little bizarre.


Thanks a lot Rick!