Apple iPhoto Letterpress

Curious if any other Mac nerds out there noticed that Apple is offering letterpress printed cards as an order option for their new version of iPhoto. It looks like they have a few templates, but any custom verbiage is understandably offset.

You can check out pics and a promo video they have on letterpress printing here:


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I thought of the folks on here when they focused on the deep impression as a selling point of letterpress. =)

…I’d give anything, almost anything, to know what sweatshop/country those cards are printed in…

yes I am an Apple fan…

There’s some consensus on the letpress list that these are produced by Julie Holcomb ( in California… I don’t know about the weather out there, but I don’t think there’s too much sweating going on…

I was a bit confused over how the cards are produced. Is the photo and custom information digitally printed onto a previously letterpress printed card? The volume of this would suggest pre-printed blanks.

I think that’s correct… it seems like a picture and one or two lines of text onto a pre-printed shell.

Well, that’s great news for Julie for landing that contract!

Co-incidentally, has anyone seen the blog in The Economist

Briar Press gets a serious mention …
William Amer, Rockley. NSw

And you’re quoted!

The Economist comes down squarely in favor of “kiss” impression… who knew?

Yes! Loved the article. Nice that Briar Press got a shout out. And you too WIlliam!

I don’t have the new iphoto but I am curious to know if the 3 colour version of the tree card we see on the video is a completely different option that you can choose versus the plate they show which obviously is a 1 colour tree. Thoughts?