Creating a poured counter die

I need to create a counter die for a combination foil/emboss die, What is the best compound to use to create my own poured counter? A friend suggested “Bondo” would that work??? Cannot cut it from engravers board, to complex.

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I’d check with your die maker, i always pick their brains. Dick G.

The Heidelberg “Hints for the Pressman” manual (available online as a pdf) explains the use of a counter mixture of: two parts plaster of paris, three parts calcium carbonate and enough dextrin or gum arabic to make a doughy paste.
There was also “Pour-a-Counter” which may still be available.

there is a fast-setting polymer mix available:
i was able to aquire an order form for you.
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Acrylic Resin
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Mix this powder and liquid to the consistency of a thick maple syrup. Experiment with amounts of powder for a given die, as it won’t take as much as you think. it will help to preset die temp to160 deg F. some mold release sil spray can be used on the die, or buy some blank mylar from foil supplier. the mix needs to be poured onto a “grey board” or “red board” piece of phenolic or glass board. keep some of the mix aside as a control. when the extra in the cup has turned hot and hard, the batch in the press is done. cut away the hardened plastic from the outside of your image area. this is brief but, the genral idea.

What I am looking for used to be called “EmbossAll”
I came in a cartridge that would squirt out equal parts to mix and create an embossing counter die.
Crocodile Industries used to seel this but they are no longer in business.

blind embossing is actually a quite diferent animal than “combo stamping” the equal pressure is quite critical to get foil to stick in the details (corners and creases) of a given die. blind embossing does not require this to look good.
sorry…never heard of this stuff you speak of….

Check with Kluge for ” counterdie powder and liquid ” and other supplies.
I haven’t poured a counter in a long time my engraver supplies me with a premade counter that has threaded locating pins that mate with the brass cup die.
We used to get fibreglass counters but the plastic as in attached pic is a lot easier to use.
The dental acrylic method is what most pured counters really are

image: bcupdieandcounter.JPG


There is also pragotherm. It works well for small area embossing. Very easy to use. You can purchase it through API.