resources for beginners

i’d like to know what books or resources are available to learn how to letterpress. i am a self taught printer (litho) and really interested in letterpress process. there are no shops of this kind where i live (PuertoRico). any letterpress equipment is used for diecutting. any help is welcome

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These texts are great resources

General Printing by Cleeton, Pitkin, and Cornwell

Printing digital type on the hand-operated flatbed cylinder press by Gerald Lange

Letterpress Printing, A MANUAL FOR MODERN FINE PRESS PRINTERS by Maravelas, Paul

Casey McGarr
Inky Lips Letterpress

…it is amazing to the videos you can watch on the web. Youtube etc…

Here’s an excellent internet resource:


Thanks for that link Barbara, i’m also new to letterpress this will help.


Trial and error is great also. When I first started (which was only this year- I am still a newbie), I didn’t even know what I needed to know, so a lot of the resources out there were overwhelming. Each mistake I made or thing that went wrong, I searched for tips and answers, tried again, and moved on. Sometimes once you know what to look for, the information has a way of sticking better. Just be careful, use common sense so tat you don’t hurt yourself or your equipment, and then go from there. Good luck!