New type case/cabinets?

I just purchased my first press (C&P 10x15) and it came with a large selection of type that I am very excited about. Unfortunately the type cabinet that it was in is old and falling apart. Are there any companies that make/sell new type cases and cabinets? Or would my best bet be to have one built? I am in the Houston area. Thanks everyone!

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You should email Ed Thompson at Thompson Cabinet Co. I don’t know what he still has in stock, but he does still produce things now and then.

Daniel Morris
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Brooklyn, NY

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Watch Craigslist in your area!

Thank yall for the advice :)

I have a metal type cabinet in Tampa, Florida.

How much are you selling it for? Also, are you willing to ship it?

Hi Sarah,

I think nice-looking type cabinets are harder to find than Vandercooks. I’ve been in the market for a double-wide cabinet in the Los Angeles area for many months, and not even a possibility has turned up. The furniture-grade ones seem to be under the purveyance of antiques dealers, so they’re very expensive. Cabinets in good condition straight from a print shop never seem to be in your local area, and shipping them is expensive because they’re so bulky and heavy.

For some of my type I had cabinets custom made. They turned out great. If you decide to go that route, feel free to steal the design.


Used cases are readily available from Don Black in Toronto, and it’s not too hard to make your own cabinet.

Thanks everyone. I think that’s the best bet for me. Shipping the cabinet didn’t seem economical and there was really nothing available in my area. I have bought some cases and plan to build a cabinet with my husband. Barbara, your cabinet is gorgeous - not sure if I will be going that fancy! But thanks for the link :)

Barbara, those are amazing! If I ever bring foundry type into my operation, I’ll be sure to take a note from your book!

Barb, Nice idea with the cabinets. What is the body of water in the veiw from your Vandercook?

A simple type cabinet can be fairly easily built by making a box of 1/2” plywood about 1/4 inch wider than the cases, maybe two inches deeper than the front-to-back dimension of the cases, and tall enough to accommodate all the cases. Screw 3/4x3/4x1/16 aluminum angles to the sides of the box spaced apart vertically to allow for the cases. I rip the front lips off the old style wooden cases to make them more nearly dustproof and space the rails accordingly. I’ve built two of these cabinets for maybe $30-50 each. If you use furniture-grade birch plywood and veneer the edges you can varnish it and make it pretty as well.


Smashin, the body of water is the Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica Bay to be exact. It’s a lovely site, but murder on metal. I’m constantly battling with corrosion, even on aluminum.

AdLib, you should post some photos of your cabinets. The price is certainly right — I am not telling my husband about it! I asked our cabinetmaker to over-engineer the supports since I pack my cases to their maximum capacity. So the frame is two thicknesses of one-inch plywood, about an inch and a half altogether. In addition to the screws, he used some kind of high-performance glue on the aluminum angles.


As a sailor I always notice the water. What a great view as you print. My father has been looking at an insulated 2x4 wall on the other side of his Vandy for the last 22 years.

Thanks, Victor. The water is always bluer on the other side. I’m a newbie, and an old one at that. So I’d trade the ocean view for 22 years at a press overlooking the city dump.


Those are nice cabinets Barb, that you had made. And Sarah, plywood, aluminium angle and screws, and of course some patience, can be as efficient as well. I had to fit my cabinets into an existing space and made the cabinets myself to measure, topped them off with a high quality kitchen worktop. I’m glad I went for an expensive real Formica finished top and not for a cheap one, it stays clean and doesn’t scratch. The cut-off I used to make a trolley for my tabletop platen press.

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I love the different pictures of how everyone has their typecases organized! I was lucky enough to find a metal hamilton cabinet in the L.A. area, but it needs a repair to the top piece. I’m looking for someone now who can cut and weld metal for cheap, since it’s the side piece of the top tray.