Newly acquired c&p 10x15

I just purchased a c&p 10x15 a few hours ago for $500. I will be moving it to it’s new home in the coming week or two. I have a question. To get it into it’s new space I need to fit it through a 40 inch door. I need to remove the motor and wheel on one side which I can do without a problem. My question is… how do I remove the shaft on that side? My thoughts are that the piece of shaft I am needing to remove attaches via bolts or gears to the main shaft and that once I remove the wheel I should be able to free it. Any suggestions? I have included some pictures for reference.

image: c&p 10x15 press overview.jpg

c&p 10x15 press overview.jpg

image: c&p 10x15 side needing to be removed.jpg

c&p 10x15 side needing to be removed.jpg

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Try renaming your images without using spaces or special characters (ampersands, etc.) and reposting.

I don’t believe you’d need to remove anything to fit a 10x15 through a 40” doorway.