Does anyone have furniture for sale?

I need some furniture for my Heidelberg Windmill so that I can diecut. If anyone has any for sale I would really appreciate them getting in contact with me. I am prepared to pay shipping cost from overseas.

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Don’t know where your located, there is Letterpress Things in Massachusetts, The Excelsior Press in New Jersey, you can look in the yellow pages on this site to get info on who is closer to you. Good Luck Dick G.

Don Black in Toronto sells full sets in cabinets, as well as everything else you’ll need, reglets etc.

i went to a local die maker and they gave me a bunch of scraps. they throw the stuff out. with a decent table saw, you can make all you want and to what ever thickness you want. since it is die board it works great and lasts forever. Very thin strips will delaminate through abuse however.

Thank you for all your coments. I am located in Australia and have found someone in the USA who can sell me some metal furniture. I did contact some Australian companies but they had already thrown the furniture out before I could get to it.