Removing rubber roller from core

Having the hardest time removing ancient rubber rollers from their cores to have them recovered {12x18 c&p}. Any thoughts of those out there… need to send them off to get recovered and I would hate to pay higher shipping because of the weight of dead rubber rollers.

tried just about everything short of catching them on fire— pulling them off, peice by peice, and attacking with wrenches and household utensils….

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I would ship them whole. If you’re near an urban centre there’s usually somewhere in town that recovers if you want to save on shipping. Offset shops still need the service so the rubber places still abound. Just make sure that they know that the rollers are for letterpress and that they need a softer durometer rubber, 20-25 should be fine. 12x18s take 2” diameter rollers.


Thanks Paul— I did a ‘discussion search’ to find some posts of local Massachusetts shops mentioned, looking through those now {Dick g. Looking for you to chime in here…}.

I’ve been using Ramco Rollers in CA— really love their service, but from CA to MA, the shipping is a nightmare.

I called around to print shops in my town and asked them where they used. I wanted to be sure anywhere that did it did a good job. Surely enough, there was somewhere highly recommended, and I live in an isolated Canadian town of half a million people. Not sure how close to Boston you are but there’s gotta be somewhere that does it there.


I use Roller Craft in Rhode Island, they will take the rubber off for you. Some of my rollers i cut about 3” off the end of the roller, to do this i use a skill knife and score the rubber (cut most of the way thru) then go back and finish the cut. If you can’t find Roller Craft in the yellow pages on this site let me know and i will find it for you. Dick G.

We use Ramco Roller Products in San Dimas, California.
They will remove the old roller product for you.
Check them out!


I’ve heard good things about NENSCO or Rotadyne, I’d just leave the rubber on and let them take care of it


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