Frozen Kelsey Chase Adjustment Screws

Does anyone have a magic method for loosening the adjustment screws on my Kelsey chases (never used since purchase in 1988)? I have tried penetrating oil and elbow grease (I’m getting afraid of damaging the screw slot). Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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If the slot end or the bearing end are sticking out a little you could try tapping on them while soaking in penetrating oil (try PB Blaster from an auto parts store) while supporting the chase adjacent to the screw on something solid like a vice jaw open just far enough for the screw to clear. Sometimes the tapping will loosen the rust or whatever is preventing them from turning, enough to work the penetrant into the joint or work the screw loose. If you can turn them either direction a little while soaking with penetrant, turn them back and forth a little and they’ll loosen. They may be glued in place with dried ink.


Best bet is heating the chase metal near the screws with a plumbers torch. Believe it or not, this will loosen any gunk that is causing them to stick.