Printing in colder environment

For what it’s worth: I started printing (Kelsey 6x10) over the summer in a revamped chicken coop. It is drafty and has no heat. I was commissioned for a job last weekend (outside temp 40 degrees), and found that positioning a construction work light (I think it’s 500W) near the ink table kept everything workable enough for good results.

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I know or at least 4 shops in chciken coops. My shop is in a converted horse barn. Every spring we turn my shipping bench into a hatchery , if your not careful you get chicken poop everywhere when they escape. i heat with a gas furnace to about 55 degrees, sometimes a run a small electric heater under the press which really helps. Dick G.

I don’t have the woodstove hooked up yet so I run one of those electric oil-filled radiators directly under the ink disc on my C&P and set the ink I’m using on top of it - does the trick!


Another classic for a floor style C&P (and others) is to have a candle burning under the ink disk, just behind the chase latch. Works great for keeping ink disk (and ink) warm—as long as you don’t let it sit too long!

We have a small space heater in the (uninsulated) space we use for our studio as well as a candle near the press when it is especially frigid.