Vandercook market value

Please chime in on some ideas of current market value for a Vandercook Reproduction Proof Press model #UN-1, serial #225595 in decent working order. I think it would rate a 6 or 7 out of 10 as it sits.
Trying to attach pics but am getting an error indicating “the image cannot be atached because the disk quota of 4 MB has been reached”.
Any assistance with that is also greatly appreciated.

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The price can vary a lot, but the Universal series are a reasonably desirable series. It seems I have seen them ranging from around $3000, up to $6000 or more in really excellent condition.
The specifics of what is not perfect with the press can make a big difference. When you say it is a 7 out of 10, is that because it is dirty and has a crummy paint job, needs rollers recovered, but all the parts are in tact? or is the press in great shape, except it is missing a key part, like something from the roller assembly? I think the latter devalues a press more, vs something that just needs some love.
Compare on ebay (but don’t get tempted to over inflate the price please), or get some photos up on the Vanderblog:
good luck.

Hi Smashin,

The photos can be resized in any photo editor like Photoshop. Perhaps if you tell us what photo editor you have, someone can give step-by-step instructions on how to reduce the file size. Whichever way you do it, though, save your smaller file with a different name so you don’t lose your original image.


Alternately, in the absence of editing software, adjust the settings on your camera to take smaller photos.

SP-15 just sold for $8,704.00 on eBay today.

Thanks for the info, I will play with the photos tomorrow, but here is a link to some pics.

natron, the press is operational, no missing parts. It needs a good cleaning, lube, etc., but prints nice. (needs love) It’s manual with an adjustable bed.

megahurt, thanks for the info

This vandy is located in Tampa, FL