Logo/symbol for “Printed in the USA

My apologies if this has been asked before. Is there a standard or common logo/symbol to say “Printed in the USA”? (Something akin to the Recycle logo/symbol).

I would like to print such a symbol at the back of greeting cards (without having to spell out “Made in the USA” in text).


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Yes, M&H Type has them in one of their Handifonts, and the same may be true of other foundries. It would be inyteresting to know if the Dale Guild has those mats too.

We have a couple of styles at The Dale Guild.


I have a bunch of them, If your interested let me know.

Thanks everybody.

Parallel_imp, I went through the M & H Catalog PDF (p. 60 onwards) but could not find anything. (Admittedly I didn’t know what I should be looking for).

Does anyone have a pointer or URL to a scanned image of such a standard symbol?

Thanks again.

OK, it isn’t shown in the current M&H catalog, but it was shown in earler editions as part of Handy Font No. 613. The set includes S&H logos and a few other items of no contemporary utility. Probably discontinued, but maybe there is old stock on the shelf. AT any rate, they had the mat and can cast sorts lines.

Thanks Parallel_Imp,

I’ll give the M&H folks a call.