acrylic ink

I am sure this has been asked before but can you use acrylic ink for letterpress. I am into doing woodblock prints and etchings. I have a bunch of Akua Intaglio inks. Would they harm the rollers. Would it still be best to use solvents to clean up with or could i get away with water?

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In short, yes, but the full answer has to do more with being willing to use the best ink for the best results.

I haven’t used the ink you mentioned, but I do have some acrylic inks on my shelf. They’ve usually been more trouble than they’re worth for my purposes.

Washup is going to depend more on your roller. No water for composition rollers, but honestly, why not get a $6 can of mineral spirits and play it safe? That investment goes a long way towards preventing a larger investment in new rollers.