In search of paper that folds without cracking


I am in search of a good letterpress paper to make some folded cards. I realize that when some of the letterpress papers fold, they crack along the edge. I have ordered several samples of great paper and they seem to crack. I would like it to be of a substantial weight, (not too heavy) but still want a clean fold. Any suggestions would be very helpful!

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Any paper will fold beautifully if creased properly with channel matrix, especially when folded with the grain.

All papers crack (even thin) when folded without scoring, especially when folded against the grain.

Good to know. Thanks for the response. Not sure what you mean when you say “channel matrix”…

I will bear in mind about folding with the grain. Thank you!


A length of creasing rule (blunt rule, 2pt wide, .918 high) is locked up in your chase. A little plastic channel (u-shaped,) which is appropriate for the thickness of your paper, is fixed to your platen. You pull impressions and the paper comes in-between the creasing rule and the matrix, creating a small u-shaped channel across your stock. Makes for a beautiful folds, much nicer than any folding machine or scor-it can produce.

One detail to remember: the paper is normally scored with the rule to the outside of the fold and the matrix to the inside. You are stretching the fibers so they don’t break when pulled around the fold.