Looking for a general course on letterpress printing

I’m purchasing a C&P printer in the coming months and I was hoping to find a class that would teach the basics and some advance skills so I can get up and running. If anyone can recommend a class I would be ever so thankful

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what model and what is your location?

Not knowing where you are…

If you can make it to Boston, Mass Art (http://www.massart.edu) teaches a great weekend workshop in letterpress fundamentals. Their studios are mostly Vandercooks, which are going to be a lot different to operate than your C&P.

If you are in NYC or New England, you could also potentially make it to one of Letterpress Things’ (http://www.letterpressthings.com/) one-day workshops. I don’t know what presses they use in a workshop, but I’m sure you could ask to take a look at some of their C&P presses and get some pointers.

Don’t know where you are but we have some great classes at our Printing & Book Arts Center in Rochester, NY. Check out the website at www.geneseearts.org for a listing of the latest class schedule.

Sorry, we’re located in South Florida

We are willing to travel but hoping to find something in the southern states

thank you all for your suggestions and insight.

don’t know if you are stil looking for a class, but the Atlnata Printmakers Studio has classes, but the are only once a week for four weeks. http://www.atlantaprintmakersstudio.org/

I live in South Tampa and have many years in the letterpress field and would be happy to help you. email me and we can go from there. lovinfla99 at msn dot com

just got a toko r2 true color press i love it i even did some 4 color printing res were off but got thing close,i need help from a experance person like your self.
my # is 813-626-0602 cell # 813-382-6817

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Better you should take the course, or get some experience first to see if you like it and can handle it. Lesson One: KEEP YOUR FINGERS OUT OF IT!!! Also please note: You print with a PRESS not a PRINTER!!!

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