Removing Crank Shaft (Chandle & Price)

How do we remove the Crank Shaft on the Chandler & Price New Series ?

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If you remove the small pinion gear on the non-flywheel side of the press the flywheel and shaft slide all the way out through the press.

There’s also a plate on the flywheel side; held on with three screws. This reveals an oval hole through which you remove the shaft with the offset crank used for a treadle.

The bigger question is why are you removing it? Best to leave it on the press unless it is absolutely essential that you remove it to haul the press out of a really tight spot. Not saying you shouldn’t (I’ve done so plenty of times), just make sure it’s *necessary*.

Ty Arie. I will check that. Yes it’s necessary; I am moving the press in my basement.

Be well.