Belt came off for Heidelberg Windmill

Hi, I’m quite new to here, please be nice :)

During a move of my Heidelberg Windmill, the main belt which drives the wheel slipped off the wheel. The rigger had secured a rope which brushed against the belt.

I’ve tried to pull the belt back onto the wheel, but of course it’s not possible, with the tension of the wheel. So what I’ve done is removed 3 of the 4 the screws which hold the motor in place, and loosened the fourth screw, to allow the motor to move and reduce the tension.

This has reduced the tension on the belt, and I was able to pull the belt back onto the wheel. In the process however, the motor has shifted position, and rotated around the last remaining screw. The new problem is that I’m unable to pull the motor back in place – the tension of the belt is too tight.

Any tips on how to move the motor back in place, while working against the belt tension?

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Thanks in advance.

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I’m no mechanic, but try turning the speed control to the slowest position, this should open up the pulley and slacken the belt. Dick G.

Get a piece of wood approximately as thick as the belts width. Pry it between the two disks of the motors wheel (insert the wood from the big wheel towards the axis of the motor). This way the belt will get deep between the disks, like running on minimum speed. Be sure to turn the handle to minimum speed as well so that the motor will com as close to the big wheel as possible. Now it’s easy to slide the belt over the big wheel. Be sure to pull the plug or take out the fuses. Starting the motor while doing the aforementioned would be dramatic…

aren’t you guys talking about spreading the pulley but moving the motor to HIGH speed?

Correction: when the wood is between the Simplabelt discs turn to highest speed to move it as close to the big wheel as possible. Thanks, ericm, for pointing into the right direction!

with the belt guard off, i can ususally grab both sides of the belt and pull straight up. this drives the belt deep into the pulley as suggested above.

Thanks for the tips.

I turned the speed to the slowest/fastest (clockwise) position, and it was quite easy to slide it back into place.

Thanks agian