Rouse Cutter and Miterer

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I am have a Rouse lead and rule cutter and a Rouse miterer. I don’t use them and don’t expect to use them. I checked e-bay, and the few that are posted are priced are all over the place for them. Is these items something for which there is a market? I understand that they’re worth “what ever a buyer will pay for them”. Can anyone provide guidelines?


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Miterers sell for anywhere from $25 to $50. They are worth a lot more but people don’t use them much and there is little market for them, As for the lead and slug cutter, it should go for $35 to $50. Some will also cut brass and steel rule (used for Perforating, die cutting and creasing.) It’s only of use to people using lead type. Folks using plates, have little use for leads and slugs.

I am in need of a slug cutter and miter machine.
Please contact me if you have one for sale.
Sal J Zampino…[email protected]