Heidelberg 10x15 Windmill. Lubrication system issue (with grease!)

Dear friends,
the previous owner of my Windmill used lubricate with grease the red/yellow/green oling points. A printer suggested me to remove the oil into the main lubrication system and add kerosene to clean the system.

I added the kerosene and pushed the red knob of the main lubrication system, expecting the kerosene melt the grease but nothing happened, so I removed the kerosene and re-added the oil…but this time the red knob wasn’t pushing oil. I believe some dirt removed with the kerosene finished in some part of the lubrication system and clogged it.

I’ve removed the ink fountain and removed the bolts of the lubrication system “lid” but I need to remove the main big roller and the others 2 metal rollers to reach some parts of the main lubrication system.

Any idea about how removing these metal rollers?!


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From what I remember cleaning mine, the top distributor roller comes out just by tapping out the taper pins at each end, but to remove the ink fountain roller and oscillating metal roller the sides of the inking unit will need to be removed which I believe involves removing the ink drum (large metal roller.) Seems like something you don’t want to do.

The red yellow and green oiling points on a windmill are not connected to the main lubricating system; they are oiled individually as the schedule in the manual states.
If grease was used to lubricate these, the easiest way to clear it is to empty the oil from the oil gun, fill it with kerosene and then force the kerosene into each oiling point until you can see it come out of the bearing.
When all have been treated in this way, refill the gun with the correct oil and repeat the process until you can see oil in the bearing.
If the previous owner used grease in the main system, just how did he get it into the tank, with the correct filter in place in the filler hole the oil only enters the tank very slowly; grease would have to be forced in there.

Thanks for the replies.

@Bern Bennet:
Yes, I was thinking to clean the yellow and green points with filling the oiling gun with kerosene!

But the main issue is the main lubrication system, actually doesn’t push the oil anymore, because I believe kerosene removed some dirt and that dirt finished into the little metal pipes of the lubrication system..to reach it I need to remove the metal rollers!