how to id an Old Kwikprint

Hi all
I need help identifiying a KWICKPRINT press. I have no idea how to tell which model it is.The only identification is “pat. us and can.”
Also can anyone tell me what type of press are these in the photos? The press on the left heats up on top and bottom, and the one on the right (Warner) heats up on the top only.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

image: presses.jpg


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Those are rubber stamp presses, i still use one just like the one on the right to make rubber stamps. Dick G.

awesome! thanks dickg

pic of kwickprint

image: kwickprint1.jpg


Looks like a small foil stamping press, i think i have some info on this machine, (i could be wrong) will look for it on monday. Dick G.

I have one of those Kwikprints. The guy I bought it from could work wonders on it. I can barely get it work.

It has a heating element connected to a little clamp that holds your line of type. It’s supposed to have two spools mounted on the side. One to dispense new foil and one to receive the spent foil. All totally manual.

It takes a lifetime for the thing to get to temperature. Maybe it would work better if I hooked it to a 220 line.

They still make them. It’s the first hit on Google…

I bought a kwikprint in the early 90’s to see how foil worked. Then started building my own systems for Thomson and C&Ps. Sold my KP to a company that makes leather goods and stamps their logo etc on the products.