Golding Pearl Trucks and Roller Cores

Hi All,

I’m in the process of restoring a Golding Pearl # 1 and i was about to send the rollers off to be recovered and noticed there is play between the roller core and the trucks. The id of the trucks is .500” and the od of the roller core is .470”. Should I be looking at making new trucks or new roller cores before sending them out.



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Hi Nicholas,

You’re right, 30 thousandths is a lot. I think it wise to do something now. Are your trucks original and all the same diameter? if so, if it were me, I would want to keep them and have new cores made while needing new rollers anyway. Ramco Roller does this quite economically. What were you planning as far as roller diameter? I have been requesting the same roller diameter as the trucks with very good success. When new, the rollers would have been made about 1/16” larger, but, with the wear of the rails over the years it seems to make sense if you are using the same trucks to reduce the roller dimension and avoid unnecessary taping of the rails. I recently acquired a No. 3 to restore but haven’t started it yet. I know of two other people also just starting on No. 3 restorations. I am making trucks and cores for one of those people. Being a Golding enthusiast, I’d love to see some pictures of your press.


I figured that was too much play. But since its our first press, I wasnt sure. I’m guessing that both the trucks and cores are not original. The holes in the trucks are about 5 - 15 thousands out of center (although they are all the same OD). Guess ill be making new ones of both. But what do i trust. Do i remake new truck the same OD (currently 1.135”) and size the hole to fit new roller cores. The current cores are .470 which is close to 12mm. Should i keep the cores the same. Man our “complete press” is looking less and less complete by the day.



OK, if it sounds as if you could send your current rollers/cores off to be recovered and just make new, better trucks or have the roller recovering firm make them for you. You want your trucks to all be of the same diameter, with a centered hole that fits your cores properly. It is also a good idea if its not already there to have an interlock between the trucks and cores. A pin through the core, and a groove in the truck is used often. You want to lock the truck to the core so when the trucks are rolling on the rail they are sure to be turning the rollers along with them. If you have a decent lathe, making trucks out of delrin is easy.


I wasnt aware the trucks should indexed to the core. The ones I currently have arent. I think im going to go ahead and make new cores and trucks. The cores are .470 and im guessing i can go up to a half inch. This way i know that they are straight and Trucks should be easy to make on the lathe after work one day.

Thanks again.

The only trucks I’ve seen that were not keyed to the roller core are from Kelsey, and it is a terrible design. C&P cores typically have a crimped ear for the truck keyway and another for lateral position; you could do this with a broached keyway, a woodruff key and setscrew. As John Falstrom says, a pin through the core is another style used sometimes, and that may be what the Pearl had originally.

Does anyone have a picture of the trucks and cores for the old style pearls. I would like see what the orginals were. The press we bought had what we think we was a kelsey ink plate so it would not be a surprise that the trucks and cores were salvaged from a different kind of press.


Its me again,

I am making these trucks and will be making cores for someone with a No. 3. They are based on my Old Style No. 3. I will be drilling the holes after my stock arrives for the cores. I don’t have a picture of the cores handy, but, they are 1/2” in diameter under the rubber, then step down to a smaller dimension for about 3/8” and then step down again. The holes in the trucks have a section that fits the first step down and the final dimension. I believe mine are original to the press. It is a 1890 vintage. There are probably differences in trucks and cores depending upon the year of manufacture of your press.

image: No. 3 trucks.jpg

No. 3 trucks.jpg


Is it possible to send me a drawing of the trucks and cores of that you are making for your Pearl #3. It would be great to use them as a starting point for my press. Below is a picture of the trucks and cores that came with our press. Im pretty sure they are not original.

Thanks in advance


image: photo 2.JPG

photo 2.JPG

image: Trucks and Rollers.jpg

Trucks and Rollers.jpg