Please Help - C&P Pilot OS - Removing Roller Frame

Hello. I have just purchased my first press, a C&P Pilot OS. I am in the process of taking it apart to clean and de-rust (I haven’t decided yet whether I will paint it or just oil it). It seems to be in good condition but has definitely been painted more than once and the layers of paint are chipping off, so I want to remove them.

The disassembly was going very well until I got to the Left Roller Frame. It seems that there must have originally been a screw or pin that holds this piece in place that you would remove to take off both sides of the Roller Frames. As you can see in the pictures, it seems the screw head has been broken off so I cannot get the Roller Frames off.

Can someone please tell me what is supposed to go here (a pin or screw) and how I might be able to get them apart? My husband says he can drill a small hole in the old screw and use a screw removal tool to back it out. If we do that, will I be able to get a replacement piece or will I be able to find a standard size screw at the hardware store to fit this spot? Am I way off base about how to remove the Roller Frames?

I realize I can try to remove the chipping paint and clean it up without fully disassembling but I am pretty much an “All or Nothing” kind of person and I would really like to finish taking it apart to do the best cleaning job possible.

Thanks for your help!!!

image: IMG_2239.JPG


image: IMG_2240.JPG


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OK, I realize now that those are pins and I have tapped them out. Now there seem to be two smaller pins on the sides. Any idea how to get those out?

image: IMG_2248.jpg


For disassembly of the roller arms from the press you need remove only one roller arm. I prefer to remove the right hand roller arm. Drive the pin out from the bottom. That is to say, close the platen and tap the pin out with a pin punch. What you see in the third photo are index pins (during manufacturing these were used to index the two arms to the shaft to be certain they were on the same plane) - leave these alone. Once the cross pin has been removed you can tap the shaft end towards the press and withdraw the Left hand roller arm along with the shaft. Reassembly is the opposite.

You may end up breaking a casting. I would just clean it up intact and start printing. “Striving to better, we oft mar what’s well,” as Shakespeare once said.

Thank you Ink Spot! I knew there had to be some way to get it apart. Not sure if I will try it or just get it as clean as I can while still together.

I appreciate your help though!