hi could you help me with history of this press if it is rare ?
its an Emil Kahle model zeus automat.
made in leipzig paunsdorf .
i ve been told that it is from 1908.
the picture is before cleaning but it is in perfect working order and mint condition.
thank you

image: papostear.jpg


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Well, it is a parallel-impression platen, or heavy art platen, derived from the Gally Universal, later known as the Colt’s Armory platen. Many European manufacturers copied and improved it, especially in Saxony: the Phoenix in Leipzig and the Victoria in Dresden/Heidenau being the best-known.
It must be of smaller format if only two form rollers. “Automat” suggests it once had a feeder, also suggested by the extension of the frame down at knee-level. The Victoria “AutoVics” had roll-away feeders that were sometimes discarded.

another picture

image: zeus automat.jpg

zeus automat.jpg

and one more.
the tympan size is 30x 40cm

image: zeus2.jpg


thank you for your information.
when you say feeder how did it work, do you have any picture of the autovic or another example.

There were several designs of AutoVic, some with fixed feeder, others with roll-away feeder. I’ve only seen the rollaway model. It has a suction feeder that got its air from a piston inside the press frame I think, because there were rubber gaskets on the frame where the feeder mechanism came in contact (I never used the autofeed, just hand feed). There was also an external gear on the press frame that mated with one on the feeder to power it, and fitting to lock feeder to press. Also a side lay mechanism.
I don’t see anything like that on your press, and only suggested it because of the “Automat” name, which usually refers to an automatic feeder. Feeders on these presses came later than 1908 I think, probably not until the ’20s.
It does look like there were feed tables on both sides originally.

thank you i did find a very blury jpg on the internet that suggests some kind of rare feeder mecanism i supose,to bad its so low resolution.

image: zeus automat3.jpg

zeus automat3.jpg

That is a roll-away feeder, similar enough to that of the AutoVic. Very interesting.

hi again i was looking at the flyer and in the header you can see the number 29 could it be maybe that theproduction year is 1929?as you were saying that this kind of presses appered after the 20?


image: zeus.jpg


a little piece of history

image: couty_boite_34_fascicule_zeux_automat_2.jpg


image: couty_boite_34_fascicule_zeux_automat_1.jpg


image: couty_boite_34_fascicule_zeus_automat_1b.jpg


seems to me it was arranged with the Glöckner feeder same as autovic