C & P OS 8x12, treadle replacement

I am purchasing the C & P 8x12 old style listed in the classifeds (in FL) and would like to convert it back to treadle operation. I did some searching and have seen that the Hern replacement treadles only fit some of the old style presses. Can anyone tell by looking at the pictures whether or not it will fit this press? Also are there any good closeups of how the treadle connects in the back so I can see if I need to have any other parts fabricated?

Lastly - is there an easy way to remove the crankshaft piece that sticks out the right side that previously connected to the motor?

Thanks in advance -


image: CP_OS.jpg


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I have a Hern treadle on my 8x12 C&P OS, and it looks exactly like yours - so it might fit. There is a removable round steel bar at the very bottom (right hand photo) which is also the pivot for the back of the treadle. Remove and reinstall through the back of the treadle.

No easy way to remove the “piece that sticks out”, since the crankshaft is one piece. If you really must, you can unscrew the crankshaft bearings from the frame and pull the shaft out (along with the flywheel) from one side. Be careful with the machine screws - they are NOT a standard size…

I’d get the pallet off casters too.

Hi Leslie
I have an 8x12 OS that has a treadle from Hern. You need to check your crankshaft for the offset where the hook attaches. See my photos, I can’t see your crankshaft in your picture. I also have the crankshaft sticking out, my press had a pulley attached for a motor but I removed it. My Fiancee made a cushioned wrap to go over it because I kept banging my leg! I don’t believe there’s any way to remove it other than cutting. Good luck with the treadle (if you can use one) and let me know if you have any problems


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image: treadle 010a.jpg

treadle 010a.jpg

image: treadle 006a.jpg

treadle 006a.jpg

image: treadle 001a.jpg

treadle 001a.jpg

Bill’s right - I didn’t see the Hinge Pin on your press. Make sure it sticks out on both sides of the press so you can secure it with cotter pins. When you order your treadle tell Joel that you don’t need the Hinge Pin. I agree about the casters also - have fun with your new press!


Bill and Steve-

Thanks for all of the info. Sounds like the crankshaft is staying. I’m not about to take apart a press for no reason.

Steve, in your second picture you show the mystery connection I couldn’t visualize. Is that piece literally just “hooked” on that casting? Is that part of the treadle assembly from Hern, or did you have that made separately?

It will come off the casters once I get it home. I have a sweet little golding pearl that I felt I was really taxing with some of the work I was doing, so this should be a sturdier upgrade, with some of the charm. I’m a sucker for the curved spoke flywheel.



Yes, the hook just hooks over the offset crank of the flywheel shaft. Hern sells both treadles and hooks.

Looks like you have the split ink table as well, but are missing the gears to make it work. The outside goes one way and the inside in the opposite direction. Looks very cool when it works, but doesn’t really make any difference in ink distribution. Also can be hard to clean up as ink and solvent get into the crack and can contaminate later runs, especially if the ink is lighter in the subsequent run. Very cool to watch though. I restored mine to working condition despite the added work.


Is that the large gear that appears to be missing at the back bottom of the ink table? Did you have all of the parts to make yours work or did you have the large gear made? It would be great to get it working again!


Hi Leslie
Yes, the treadle hook goes right over the crankshaft. There was a burr on my hook when I got it that I had to file off for a proper fit.To be honest, the hook is mounted backwards in the picture. It should face away from the operator. I have the split disc as well, but mine is locked up - not a big deal but I would like to see one work sometime.
The 8x12 is a fantastic press, a real workhorse. It should serve you well and yes, I’m a sucker for the curved spokes also!



Yes at least the large gear at the bottom of the ink table is missing. From the angle of the photo I can’t tell is the intermediate gear is there or not. The third gear is built into the bottom of the ink table. I had all the necessary bits, but a short pin built into the bottom of the inner disk shaft had been ground off. I took it to the local machine shop to have that replaced.

I had some cast bronze gears made from my originals of the bottom and intermediate gears, but that was not a completely successful experiment. They seem to work fine after you file away a significant amount of flashing left by the casting process, but I only have access to a hand file and I’d rather be printing than filing.

Before you start thinking about making the split ink table working again, make sure the two parts are not permanently joined together. Undoubtedly, they are glued together with dried ink and solvents, but that can be loosened with some judicious tapping with a rubber mallet on the surface of the ink table around the split. Also there should be a place to put a bolt into the bottom of the inner disk shaft. Tapping upward on the bolt with the mallet will help. I usually scrape the worst of the dried ink away with an Xacto knife and then use type wash (the older less environmentally friendly stuff that really works well on dried ink) to clean thoroughly.

Hi all,
I have a similar press, C&P 8x12, but I have just discovered that my press is fitted with a straight flywheel shaft in the place that the crank shaft should be, therefore the treadle and hook I got from Hern cannot be attached. The original owner operated it as a motor press (now I know why!) and doesn’t have the crank shaft. I WANT to operate my press by treadle. I there any way to get a crank shaft?





You’d have to find an 8x12 with a crank shaft that someone was selling for parts. You might try Dave Churchman or John Horn. The replacement isn’t terribly difficult, but unless you can find a part near you, the shipping will be pricey.

Hope this helps,