Merry christmas to ALL!!!

i truely hope ev one here has a great holiday! may your craft and skills provide you the happiness you strive for…

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We agree with that and as we enter a new year we pray that wisdom will be used in operating dangerous machines so we won’t have reports of injuries.

There was a point and time, at several places in the span of letterpress printing when I stopped and thought about the happiness you speak of Eric.

Setting aside the years of hurried production schedules to meet, but even then the mind set would creep in at times.

Mixing a batch of ink (before we had the PMS system) and hitting it right on the mark, with the first batch. Or, using materials that were seldom used and looking at what came out the other end of the press and seeing it for the first time. Marveling that it came out good, beyond my expectations and of course sometimes the opposite result.
Still, those people whom, given the tools, ingenuity, and a positive attitude and outlook, putting their best foot forward and producing timely, good work. What a joy, to be part of a team of Letterpress enthusiasts, all over the world.
I remember taking my wife and my mother (93 years young this January) to a place while on vacation in Florida called (The Holy Land). There they had an exibit on printing where people were risking their lives because of utilizing a printing press. We all are truly blessed and fortunate to be able to do what we do.