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T and T Press Restoration

We refurbish table top presses. We provide repair and fabrication services. Please visit our web site for all the details and lots of photos.

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I just bought a Kelsey 5x8 Excelsior Model O press. The ink plate fell and broke in 2. Can it be repaired or do I need to find a replacement? If so where do I start to look?

Hoping you can point me in a direction.

The ink disc may be repairable by a skilled welder who understands brazing cast iron. It would need to be done carefully to maintain the flatness of the surface, but it should be possible. Find a machine shop that does repair of precision machines.


I will look into it. Thank you Bob.

I just wanted to say that you guys were a joy to work with even though I’m on the other side if the country. If there’s any time when I’ll need a part or advice, you’ll be the first on my list. Thanks again for your wonderful service.

I have a Kelsey 5 X 8 that I would sell if that would help you.