Heidelberg auto-stop problems

Happy New Year!

I ran a job on my new 10x15 Heidelberg windmill and had to deal with it auto-stopping after every sheet it ran. After consulting the manual and adjusting the auto-stop screw as best I could, the problem was fixed for a minute. After cutting some paper and trying to run it again, the auto-stop mechanism started tripping again. I was able to just manually keep it from auto-stopping, of course, but I need to learn how to fix it properly. Does anyone have any ideas where the problem might lay, and how to take care of it? Thanks.

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You’re going to need to be a lot more specific than that. What is the problem exactly? Please elaborate on being able to just the auto-stopping screw as best you could. Have you reached the limit of adjustment and it still stops when running sheets?

A blind guess: dust & dirt inside.
Usually I never touch the screw when the setup is good. I prefer to have the pile a little low and have the sheet jump a little towards the sucker (with black GTO suckers when running cardboard and no suckers for paper). That way I can hear if everything runs fine with the feed even if I’m not watching.
In case screwing inwards or outwards has no effect, disassemble and remove all dust and dirt. Perhaps it’s only done by cleaning the mesh of the brass filter…

Another guess: too much tilt or pile to low, so that it takes way too long until it gets the sheet. But it does get every sheet, right?

In case those guesses don’t help we’ll need more details.

First check your suction lines for leaksby disconnecting the rubber pipe from the sucker bar; place your thumb tightly over the end of the rubber pipe and run the press.
It should run until you move your thumb away from the pipe, if not then you probably have a leak somewhere.

Also refer to the image below and make sure that you can freely push in, against the compression spring, the part circled in red.

If this fails to cure it then the only alternative is a dismantling and thorough cleaning; but be careful, and note where every part goes and the order in which you dimantle. It is easy to put parts back in the wrong order, and this gives more trouble.

image: autostopl.jpg


Hi there—I’m having trouble with the automatic stop function on my Original Heidelberg.
The machine is an older, black ball model, manufactured sometime in the early 1950s. It does not have the central oiling system, but does obviously have the auto-stop feature. I’m not sure if the problem is with the auto stop or with the operator, so I’m hoping one of you will be able to help me figure that out.

This only happens when I’m using heavier weight paper (~300gsm+), but MOST of the time it won’t pick up the first sheet of paper—this prints an image on the tympan, and then auto stops. I am left with an image on the tympan paper and an untouched stack of paper. If I hold the clutch on and don’t allow the press to stop then it begins picking up paper and printing well (will an image offset on the back of the first couple of sheets).
I have adjusted the feed pile and sucker angles as well as completely loosened the auto-stop sensitivity (which I know isn’t necessary when the machine is functioning correctly), and the ‘push to trip suction’ button is in, so suction is on.
I also tried turning the impression off, letting the paper run, and turning the impression on once everything was running smoothly, but activating the impression disengages my clutch and I have to start over with the same problem.

Technically I CAN print, but I’m wasting a lot of paper and time trying to figure it out, so if you’ve got any suggestions, I would be very grateful.

Bern, I tried your suggested suction test and everything went as you said it would, so I’ve got suction.
Mob, I was going to try cleaning ‘it,’ but I wasn’t sure what you were suggesting I disassemble—the auto-stop screw? I was also hoping someone might be able to tell me what to expect when I start pulling it apart—i.e. any wild springs or pieces I’m SURE to assemble incorrectly?
Thanks for your help.

—I also read this post (http://briarpress.org/24322 ), by kd1 and thought I would check my gripper head as well. I am running an early 50’s black ball as well and it seems to me that the paper is being picked up, but that it is not being grabbed by the gripper although when I looked at this problem up close I can’t see the paper colliding with the gripper.

I have also posted this question on it’s own (http://briarpress.org/24795), feel free to respond where ever seems most appropriate.