Heidelberg Windmill and die cutting coasters?

have anyone ever tried to die cut paper coasters of 1.2-1,4 mm of thickness on a Heidelberg Windmill?

Will the press suffer generally and/or on long jobs?

Thank you all :)

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I have a customer here in the US that does it every day. Cuts them 4 up or 6 up on a 10 x 15 Heidelberg. The important part is to have a good SHARP die. If it gets dull, re-knife it.

The Windmill press feeder has difficulty with large sheets of very stiff cardboard, and the size it will feed is greatly reduced unless you have the special feeding attachment for non-flexible substrates (special suction pickup assembly). You certainly could run the coasters 2-up, but I doubt any more than that if using very heavy and stiff coaster board.

Hello guys,
thanks for the replies.

@linegauge: does your customer manually re-knife the dies or change totally the blade? How much is the grammature of the sheet? does it use the special feeding attachment?

@jhenry: thanks, but are you sure of it? anybody suggested me the special feeding attachmentu until now :) What do you mean with “You certainly could run the coasters 2-up”? You means should I cut the sheet to the size of 2 coasters and die cut or what?


He sends the dies back to the die-maker and has the form re-ruled.
My customer uses sucker feet on the bar and has no problems. He does not run the press fast to keep the sheet from slinging out of the grippers.

thanks for the explanation :)

The distance between the platen and the grippers on the Windmill is about .070”.

1.4 mm = .055”, which leaves .015” for packing/die cut jacket.

I cut coasters every day on my 10x15 but am limited to material of .035” thickness because my jackets are .032” and .035” thick. What would you use for packing/jacket if you cut material that is .055” thick?


Is there a die maker that you can suggest?