Self Adhesive Labels? Or best way to DIY?

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for a supplier of nice adhesive labels that I can run through my press. Does any one know of any paper co’s that make them? I’m trying not to use Avery or other office-type labels. Something more artisanal and saucy would be preferable…

I was also curious if there is an easy and cost effective way to make your own adhesive-backed labels?

Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.



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depends on your capacities.. both press and experience. you can buy all kinds of label stock and “kiss cut” to your specs.

Well, I just tackled that very question. My solution was to purchased a used Potdevin label paster. You can put any paper through the machine and it puts a perfectly even coat of your choice of glue or adhesive on the back. We got a small manual model that takes up to 5.75” wide by any length paper. They go up from there in size and become motorized. Larger motorized models get expensive. Smaller manual models when you can find them are affordable.

Thanks for the quick replies!

ericm - My experience and press are sort of limited by each other. But I have an old-style Gordon that I’m getting working so that may change soon, I hope. For kiss-cutting I would need a die and perfect registration, right?

John - thanks for the information - I checked them out on line and they seem like they would work perfectly for what I need to do, I may have to wait until I can find one that’s in my price range.


um… depending on your project requirements,,, very often “perfect” registration is not really needed. but decent “usable” registration will do.having an item straight and level is much more important than off side to side or up and down a bit…

what sizes are you looking for? if you didn’t want a deep impression, there are pre-cut shaped ones at one of my invitation paper suppliers, seen here.

not sure if you could cut them into even squares/rectangles and use them in the press? some are heavier cardstocks like stardream, thus there is a lot of variety in colors. the wholesale prices are about the typical % less than the retail shown, you need a resale license to get an account.
not sure it would work, but wanted to put it out there just in case.

Thanks bluetulip, I think that they may be something I can use! I am looking to do it on a thinner paper, therefor needing less of an impression since they are for use as labels inside books. Their blank 8.5x11 sheets would probably do the trick. What is the quality of the paper? I assume you have printed with it before?

Thanks again, and I will let you know if it works.


glad it might work! :) i have used both the stardream and regular ones (in my laser printer only, tho) with excellant results. i did find that one of their templates was a little off, but that’s probably user error. ;)

the stardream was of course tougher and a little thicker, but the regular paper ones were fine too. i didn’t have any trouble with them ripping when peeled, or coming loose after sticking them.

i actually have a couple sheets of the regular paper ones still, if you wanted to see one i could send you a swatch to feel.

Bluetulip that would be above and beyond the call of duty, but I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much!

Mike Orhan
Po box 162
East Hampton NY

I have a Xyron Creative Station, which is essentially a laminator machine with cartridges with either adhesive back, lamination or magnet back etc. I run a variety of paper (and even fabric) thru it.
I got it for about $50 with a Michaels 50% off coupon, and have used it for several years without issue.
For cutting small runs of things, and not wanting to purchase a die, I use Silhouette SD cutting system , which will cut any vector I create in Illustrator. So I can have labels in beautiful stock, in whatever shapes I like. Otherwise for lightweight crack and peel, is super cheap.

Hi KristenS

Thanks for the information! It seems there are lots of people out there tackling the same issues. I will definitely look into the SD cutting system too, that sounds like something we could use a lot.


hi! just got this, i will send out those samples tomorrow. :)

thanks bluetulip!


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