Technique for setting packing on Windmill


Are there any tips on how to set and flatten packing, on a Windmill?

At the moment, I’m finding it tricky to achieve a completely flat surface.

Is it better to drag the short tympan rod to the left (helping remove air behind + flatten), and snap it in first, before draging the top and bottom rods?

Any tips appreciated.

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Always anchor the lower tympan bar first, then insert the packing sheets,drag the upper tympan bar from the bottom of the platen to the top smoothing the packing as you go and secure it. Drag the side clamping bar from the right hand side to the left and secure it. finally clamp the right hand side using the clamping bar and locking screw.

I have probably done this more times than I’ve had hot dinners as I spent 59+ years operating Heidelbergs!