Shimmer Paper??

Does anyone know of a cotton rag with a shimmer? or something similar? I have a client that wants an ivory paper with a shimmer to it for wedding invites and I can’t seem to find the paper I’m looking for. Any ideas?

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I don’t know what the content of these papers are, as the paper samples are at work, but here are a couple of shimmer papers to look at. I’ve only worked with these papers with offset printing. With the Currency stock we had to add Cobalt ink drier or the ink never dried. The Curious Collection stock didn’t need the drier but I’ve never used letterpress ink on it. (I got the following text from a website.)

“For maximum impact, the current crop of shiny papers attracts the eye as relentlessly as a lure attracts bass. One of the most stunning papers on the market today is Appleton Papers Currency line, an aqueous-coated metallic paper that really looks metallic. Because these papers are metallized in the manufacturing process, the bronzes, golds, silvers and opalescents really do shine. Best of all, you can print on them with both transparent and opaque inks, creating effects both subtle and bold.

“Even glitzier are pearlescent papers by the Curious Paper Collection. Like Currency, these sheets can be printed with offset ink. The effect is shiny but subdued, perfect for elegant designs that scream quality-in the most discreet way, of course.”

not a cotton rag i don’t think, but in addition to curious metallics, you can check out stardream stocks. there is an opal shade that is like a light cream with a nice shimmer to it. quartz is another off-white, but not as warm in color. also, “champagne” in the shine metallics line is nice. you can find all these for good prices at, amongst others.

Porridge Papers has a cotton rag that they add glitter to. Might work for you!

I would recommend the Reich Odeon. It’s not a cotton paper to my knowledge, but it has a metallic finish and takes a nice impression.

Littlemisspress- is there some sort of online booklet for Porridge Papers? Do they have a list or something? How can I find this paper? Thanks!

Hmm, they seem to have changed the format of their website since I last went on, but here you go:

I’d call them and let them know what you’re looking for. They used to have all sorts of stuff on their website- even scented paper. Hello, bubblegum! Hopefully the shimmer paper is still available w/o having to custom order it.

Good luck.

The old phrase for that “shimmer” was a “Cockle Finish”. See if any papers advertise that surface.

You can also achieve a startling light-reflective effect by printing a patterned background using transparent overprint varnish. It’s quite tacky, so if you’re printing on a platen press, be sure to leave room for grippers to pull the sheet from the form.

You can also add a touch of color to the varnish to achieve an even more interesting - and quite subtle effect. We’ve done that here and it really looks neat - but is next to impossible to photograph, so we don’t show any examples online.


What a great idea. Thanks for sharing with us!