Arab Printing Press

on Google there is an advert for someone wanting an Arab Letter Press Machine.
Well I have one for sale and about 16 drawers of type in all different fonts.

could someone help me by seeing if they can get in touch with this guy cos I cant.


If anyone knows where I can sell this machine any help would be appreciated.

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Briar Press is international in its scope. Where are you located?

Hi there — I’m Ben Brundell, from Halifax in West Yorkshire and home of the Arab.

I’ve listed a great deal of information on this machine at —

If you wish to sell the machine, BriarPress’s own online classified ads are excellent. Especially for the Arab, people will want to know:
- Where you are
- How easy the machine is to get to
- Whether it has a treadle; a set of good rollers; and whether the flywheel is solid
- Chase size (normally 10 x 15 or Foolscap size)

If you get stuck doing this, please let me know. I’m keen to see Arabs keep on working.



Ben Brundell

I’m assuming you’ve sold your Arab printing press as I’ve noted the date you listed, but worth a shot!