safe purchasing through briarpress classifieds?

If I buy a press from another state, is there a standard procedure for paying for the goods? Do I just send check/cash to the seller, and take my chances that the goods will be delivered as promised? If the goods are not delivered as promised, is there any way to be compensated, or to take precautions beforehand? Thanks for any advise. I am new to briarpress, so excuse me if this is already discussed.

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Briar Press is like a newspaper. People pass information on to others interested in the same printing study. The classified section is just as a regular newspaper. You contact the person and work out the payment of the item.

Briar Press is just pass on the information to you, not the selling middle man.

Another alternative is to insist on using services like Paypal in conjunction with some written documents/contracts. You can institute a dispute that normally results in a chargeback in case of dispute or fraud.

Chinn -

This is entirely an issue to be resolved between you and the seller - and you must also consider the risk inherent in shipping such a press.

I made the mistake a few years ago of accepting full advance payment for a press which I finally found I was unable to ship (overseas). I didn’t want full payment, I didn’t ask for it - I even said not to send more than what I needed to arrange for new rollers and shipping. But then the funds arrived in my PayPal account and there it was.

But this full payment in advance got me into a lot of trouble - and caused me and the would-be-buyer a LOT of grief, not to mention a lot of undeserved abuse by a bunch of busy-buddies here on BP. The public abuse heaped on me here did nothing to resolve the issue whatsoever; only time and my efforts got things straight.

If you are nervous, you can escrow the funds or make C.O.D. arrangements through the shipper. Ask your bank about escrowing funds or see if your shipper will handle a C.O.D. and accept responsibility for an *insured* shipment.

Remember, any arrangement will have to protect the seller as well.

And, be sure that you or the seller insure the press not just for the price that you pay, but for the replacement cost if it is lost or damaged and you have to get another. I know a woman who sold a press on eBay, had it damaged in transit, then had to spend 30% more to get a replacement press for her buyer. - A rough time was had by all…

Then again, you can ask for personal references from the seller as well. But remember the seller may have exactly the same concerns about trusting *you* as you have about trusting *them*.

Alan has a lot advise on purchasing equipment, liked what he said. I just want to add make sure that you ask the insurance company for replacement coverage. As Alan stated, the item might only sell for $500 fro that one seller, but if something happens in shipping and the item is really worth $1,500, you might run into a problem.

A good insurance person should be able to get you the correct insurance.

The right shipper, the right insurance coverage is the BEST thing to do on any purchase.

Item cost (validated during a claim with an invoice or bill of sale) is the basis for shipping insurance value. Coverage can vary, i.e. total loss, repair, etc. I do not know of a carrier or insurance company that routinely offers shipping insurance to cover replacement cost. When shipping a press the buyer must be aware that in the event of a loss it is the seller who files a claim and makes settlement with the insurance provider. When payment is received prior to shipping and there is a total loss the seller would refund the sales price & shipping expense to the buyer. Keep in mind that a claim investigation will include a review of the container, proof of box strength, packing material, etc.

Thank you for all your comments and feedback. I have been watching briarpress for all helpful advise, and I really appreciate that this forum exists. Thank you.

Great question. In February of this year found an ad on Briar Press listing a C&P Pilot, with accessories, “everything you need to start letterpressing”: a chase, Boxcar base, magnesium and polymer plates, ink, Crane Lettra paper, packing, tympan paper, gauge pins, two extra rollers, etc. I paid via PayPal through my checking account after verifying that the seller was a “Verified PayPal Seller.” It took nearly a month for the seller to get my Pilot to me; it was sent uncrated and lacking most of the advertised accessories, including the extra rollers. After complaining to the seller with no recovery, I filed a PayPal dispute which escalated into a claim. PayPal told me that I could return the Pilot at my expense and I would be credited my full purchase price. This was not an acceptable resolution, since I had already paid for the press to be shipped to me and I had paid to have it moved upstairs, bolted to a table, cleaned and oiled, etc. Had I paid PayPal through my credit card I would have had a fraud claim against the seller with my credit card company.