Treadle arm falls off on Pearl

I recently purchased a Pearl #11 Improved that’s in excellent shape. The arm that runs up from the treadle and connects to the flywheel rod (forgive my lack of knowledge on part names) is missing some sort of pin. From what I can see the piece has to completely fit flush otherwise the arm will get stuck…I have clue what to do.

Can anyone help me identify what type of pin I need to fix it?

image: Treadle arm

Treadle arm

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What you are missing is the square key that fits into the slots in the arm and shaft when they are aligned properly. Measure the width of the slot carefully and go to a hardware store for a key. There should be a set screw on the arm aligned with the arm’s slot, to lock the key in place.


Bob- Thanks so much for the input. I’ll head over to the hardware store today and see what I can find.


There is a newly established yahoo group dedicated to restoring Goldings (including the Pearl). You might be able to get more precise info about the size/type of the key.