Help: Sigwalt Chicago No. 10

I am interested in getting into letterpress and have come across a Sigwalt Chicago no. 10. Is this a good starter press and what are the capabilities and limitations of such a press?

It seems like it will print smaller items only such as business or greeting cards.

Do you need to create plates to print or is there a way to assemble loose type with it? or both?

What is the top price one would pay for a working press such as this?

Pardon my naivete on this subject. And I am grateful for any help in this matter.

Thank you for reading

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Using the search function found on the right hand side of the page you can find answers to these questions and many more—they have already been answered many times.


These little presses sell for a few hundred dollars, but you’d definitely be better off starting with something a bit larger. Even a Kelsey or Adana will provide far more flexibility than one of these little presses.

I personally wouldn’t pay much for one of these small presses unless I wanted it as a collector’s item or conversation piece. They are beautiful small machines, but you’d quickly outgrow it in terms of printing.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Brad! That’s helpful.