cotton stock for business cards

Hello! Can anyone recommend a cotton stock that is in between #118 and #220? I want to print double sided business cards, with a nice impression, but am not sure I want to go as thick as Lettra or Savoy’s #220. I have non-cotton stocks like Strathmore 130# I can use, but am looking for a paper with a bit more tooth, and more weighty than 118#.

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The Savoy and Cranes line is what I’ve found to be great paper. Call Legion Papers and talk with them about other paper stock available.


Hi Casey! I hope you are well! I love Savoy. It’s been my stock of choice. Thank you for reminding me about Legion.

Check out Holyoke’s 140# stock at .I love this stuff, especially the coaster stock!

Ditto on Holyoke. But be careful; it soils easily.

Try Crane’s Kid Finish at either 134# or 179#. Good, solid stuff with a great feel. You can order it direct from too.

I use 120lb 92 Bright White Vicksburg. I am not sure if they still make it. Prints nice. Very noticable to your perspective customer. The fibers are closer and helps make it feel heavier. I can even run that thru my Xerox bottom tray.