Magnesium Dies gauge inquiry

As a printer new to magnesium/copper dies I was wondering if someone could shed some light on sizes. Through Owosso Graphics (as I’ve seen a general consensus that this is the place to order them from) there is: 16g (0.064”), 0.080”, 11pt (0.153”), 0.250”.

Case 1: …looking to cast a series of thin lines (that which you would see in a notebook) which I would run 1000s of times through my press; Adana 8x5. I would like it to be closer to a “kiss” rather than heavy impression, printed on a light weight paper (90lb).

Case 2: …looking to cast my press logo/emblem/seal. No ink, just heavy impression on card stock weight paper.

That being which thickness would be best for each case, keeping in mind expense? Ideally it would be mounted. Or would it be ideal to just stick to polymer plates as I have a base for it.

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Either way, If you mean to have the die mounted, Owosso will put it onto a wood block and have it already within a thousandth or two of “type high”, or .918;
this leaves it up to you to determine the packing, and therefore the impression thickness, which will be contingent upon the type of paper you’re using etc etc etc.

I would go with the thinnest size possible for either die, as you’ll want to save money and with your press it probably won’t matter much. .064 is already pretty much going to be about .03 - .04” relief, and that’s more than enough for your press.

Good luck to you.

I use Hodgins Engraving for my mag dies, they are 16 gauge, .064 mounted on wood to type high (.918) that should work fine for either application. helimited is right, adjust your packing for either impression depth


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