Heidelberg Windmill 10x15: change the plastic strip on the grippers

I’ve removed the old plastic strips on my Windmill grippers. The old one was really uneven and very very old. I used 3 cutter blades to remove it, with the help of a strong screenprinting solvent (for solvent inks).

Now I’ve replaced the old strip with a new strip made by 3M. On the back of this strip there’s written “3M Bumpon”. It’s really perfect because the 3M bumpon series was created to reduce the noises, and to grip better..perfect for the Windmill grippers. The point is I can’t find another piece of these strips to apply it to the second gripper.

On the 3M website I’ve found this, but I cannot find the product I’ve (it’s a black rubber, adhesive backed):


What do you use for your grippers?


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I use masking tape, one of my windmills doesn’t have anything in it. I don’t remove the old rubber, just add a piece of masking tape, it has to be replaced every few months. Dick G.

I have used double faced carpet tape before, along with a strip of the rubber used for halftone makeready. I would check with the local carpenter or the big box store, put a caliper on the rubber roof membrane. Ask about waste pieces. Also what Dickg suggests.