Shearing collar HELP !!!!!


I need help! Can someone show me a picture of shearing collar? O new one! How does it look like? With those two rings? How are they placed one from another? We do not have an original windmill but Grafopress and we have problem cause it presses more at the bottom and less at the top!
Does the shering collar influences between two sides - left and right - more at one and less on another!

Thanks for a quick help!!!


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Hi Marek,

If your shearing collar has failed you will usually lose most impression strength and your press will not print at all.

If your impression is heavier at the bottom of the form than the top it is usually a problem of using too much packing—you could try removing packing and increasing impression.

All the shearing collars for the Heidelberg are just a single round piece, with a groove (probably the failure point) machined into it. If you have impressional issue right/left, especially if impression shifts, you may need to do a heavy teardown and replace some bearings.