tiny types for ID

Hi all.
Just pulled out some dirty unidentified galley trays of type and wondering if I could get some help in IDing them.

All fonts are 6-10pt.

You can view the gallery of images here…


There are 4 pages in the gallery.

Any info on determining the foundry they originated from is appreciated.

Please refer to the image name(number) when IDing.

Thanks a million!!

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It looks like different sizes of Litho Roman, to me, but my eyes are not what they used to be! There should be others who will comment.

Dave Greer

There are definitely multiple sizes of that sans serif font from 6pt to 12 or 14. I only photographed 10 and below.

I just found this….


so if any of this stuff is ATF I should be in luck.

does something like this exist for other manufacturers?

There was a lot of Copperplate Gothic, 2 sizes of Litho Roman (if that’s what it was) and at least one blackletter face-but it did not look like Cloister Black or Wedding Text.

The sans serif type appears to be BB&S’s Plate Gothic, since they have the ligatures; AT, AY, LT & LY. The type on the last galley page is very difficult to see plainly.

Plate Gothic was “new” in 1900 and it had a number of 1836 in ATF’s inventory, according to McGrew.

Dave Greer

I agree with Dave on the Serif. Nice to have that much of an old classic face. The sanserif looks like it could be Coperplate but is too small to tell.

any ideas on value on any of it? I have someone interested in the litho roman in various sizes and there seems to be more there than a single package of type in each size so I assume I’d sell be weight?

i’d trade it all for some wood type. lol. but that’s just me.

any advice would be helpful.


that last ‘hard to read’ face is a shaded blackletter. I need to get some better pics of it. It’s really cool close up but needs to be cleaned.