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Can anyone tell me where I can get a printers line guage from, either in Australia, or that ships to Australia for a reasonable price. The only way I’ve found so far is getting one from Godar Machinery Co, but they wanted to charge me $120 shipping for a $10 guage :(


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try these guys:
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Same problem —-shipping much too rich for my blood, and no flexibility in shipping method—- and I would be grateful if you could post the results of your enquiry.

Certainly USP seems more reasonably priced (used quite cheerfully by M&H), and nice and prompt too.

Regards Bruce W

Thanks ericm, will give badger a try. Also looks like NA Graphics will ship to Australia by something called Ground (I’m assuming this is standard post?) for $25 so that’s not so bad - might combine with other stuff I need and order from them.

Bruce, are you in Brisbane? If you are I’d be happy to order with you and split the postage.


tell them that Eric from Milwaukee said to try them out… they won’t know who the heck i am but “you’ve got a Green Bay packer fan sticking up for you!” lol…

Melbourne I am afraid Richard so the logistics will not be really practical.

USD25 is, as you suggest, closer to the mark particularly if you have a few bits and pieces. I suspect that this is the USP service which, as I say, has proved reliable and relative quick in the past. I had better go back to linked catalogue I guess.

Let us (there are a couple more Oz-based guys who read the site) know how you get on.

Regards Bruce W