Peerless Press

I am toying with the idea of buying a Peerless 1873 hand fed letterpress and wondered if anyone had an opinion about this press either pro or con. I am very experienced with hand fed Goldings but haven’t ever seen a Peerless and I was curious about their reputation.
Thank you

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I have operated a Peerless 10x15 press, and found it to be a good press for general work. I printed several books of poetry on that press. It was a simple press and used an unusual toggle action to give the impression.

I have a 7 x 11 Peerless and love it. It’s not quite as sturdy as our Arab, but it’s a good press nonetheless. Also had an 8 x 5, which I liked but missed having a throw off lever and the extra space.

Are the Peerless presses you are using ones prodcued by Globe Manufacturing in Palmyra, New York? I wasn’t aware that they made any smaller than the 10x15. Perhaps there is another maker who named its presses “Peerless”.

I had a peerless that was 9x13, bought it with other things, when it was delivered i couldn’t believe it, there were steel plates bolted all over the place to hold it together, the platen was braised, so was the chase, there was one line of type in the chase that had so many different fonts of type in it you could not tell what face they were trying to use, the rollers were pitted badly. threw some ink on it and the darn thing printed fine, had it for about 3 years. Dick G.


No, and here’s the rub:

Cropper Charlton & Co., Nottingham UK.

Very confusing.

I use both a Peerless Cropper 7 x 11 and a 8 x 5 both excellent presses .

Well, I bought the Peerless Press. Unfortunately, the seller hasn’t found the chase yet. He said he will send it when it is found but I am having one made in the meantime by a relative. The press has the date 1873 on it as well as “Peerless Printing Press Co. Palmyra, N.Y., U.S.A.” The outside dimension of the chase should be 14+/- inches wide to fit in the press. I then measured the slight discoloration left by the chase and came up with an inside dimension of 8 x 11? Could someone with a Peerless chase that is 14” wide outside please post the measurements inside and out so I can see if I was even close? Thank you

Also, the shippers broke off the end of the axle that was in the flywheel. To reattach the flywheel, the same relative, suggested milling a steel cylinder that will fit over the end of the axle (attached with set screws) that has the flywheels axel as part of it. This would put the flywheel 3/4” farther away from the press than originally. Does anyone see any reason this wouldn’t work? Thanks again