rollers and inking photopolymer plates

Hi All!

Yesterday I went on a printing spree and noticed something I could not fix.

I got my rollers set to the correct height (thank you boxcar gauge) but when inking I notice that towards the middle of the chase, my plates were not being inked as thoroughly as the sides. I had to run the rollers over the plates a few times to get them inked - needless to say the sides were over inked and the middle was just right. I’m using a Kelsey Excelsior 5x8.

Any trouble shooting ideas?



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How old are your rollers, they sometimes shrink in the middle first. Depending on what you are printing there could be more or bolder type in the middle of the press that could take more ink off in that area, lots could cause this problem, a picture might help see whats going on. It could be a low spot in the plate. Dick G.

Did you check roller height in the center as well as on the sides with your gauge? Is it equal?

I think Dick G is on the money with the shrinking rollers, if you have glycerine rollers especially (they’re affected by humidity).

This won’t be as much of a problem with rubber rollers, methinks.

I’d hazard a guess that if you were to put your roller on a level surface and stick a piece of tissue paper under the center portion, that it would be looser than the edges. If so, it’d be about time to have those rollers re-cast.