Furniture options…

Hello all, I’ve nearly got everything I need… but could do with some additional furniture.

Does anybody know where I can get some in the UK or have any suggestions on what else I could use instead?


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I think you have a small press, you should be able to get by using your leads and slugs. Dick G.

Decent hardware shops stock wood strip in various sizes at just under an inch thick for a few pounds.
This is a great way to build up a stock of furniture at any length you need.

Also look in skips for the same.
I’ve equipped my proof press with some very long slabs by lucky finds from skips, also some nicely cut MDF squares.
No idea what they were cut from as they are very accurate.

Obviously a metropolitan/urban environment will have a better yield in this respect.

Think about old flat pack furniture too. Shelves etc. Batons used to secure the frame can be cut into nice reglet.

It’s lovely to have a good looking shelf of resalite in all sizes etc, but I make nearly all my furniture now as the sort of printing I do requires irregular layouts and I just don’t have enough preformed stuff to use.

The beauty of letterpress is how inventive one can be t solve a problem. If it works it works.

I have also built up furniture blocks using lego.